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BN7A3100-M-2In the summer of 2015, Dr. Graham Hill went on a world wide trip to interview and meet with theologians and church leaders. I am so honored that he reached out to me and interviewed me. Please visit his website for other interviews and blogs. Please read his books too.

Below is a repost from his website:

Grace Ji-Sun Kim & Graham Hill discuss how we might learn from the wisdom and experiences of immigrant women and communities.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim is a prolific writer, having published more than 10 books and 70 book chapters and journal articles. She challenges the church to engage with issues to do with the Asian-American Christian experience, and the faith-stories of Asian-American women. Her work on the social and religious experiences of Korean women immigrants to North America has received wide acclaim.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim unpacks the theological and cultural riches to be found in Asian-American and Asian-American-feminist approaches to faith and theology. She shows how Asian notions of Wisdom and the spirit can communicate with Christian ideas today. And she challenges the North American church to move beyond patriarchal and colonial and repressive forms of faith and theology.


This is a short excerpt from the full 1 hour interview.
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