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feastI endorsed a new book by Dr. Joseph Duggan, The Feast: Re-Forming Ignatian Spirituality (The Feast Press, 2015).


It is now available on Amazon and on Kindle.

Book Description:

Ignatius of Loyola and The Spiritual Exercises have been celebrated for centuries! The Feast: Re-Forming Ignatian Spirituality is a resource for all those who cherish the spiritual wisdom of Ignatius of Loyola but who also want to follow without his demand for a mediated, penitential and blind obedience. Duggan tells readers the way to do so is to return to the story of Jesus and the Spirit of God as their primary spiritual guides. The Feast liberates and empowers readers to take back their spiritual autobiographical story to tell on their own terms and live in their own way. In reading this book you will listen to the Spirit within you, learn from your spiritual mothers and fathers and boldly respond to your own desire for spiritual pilgrimage and mission.


Praise for The Feast

“With his book, The Feast: Re-Forming Ignatian Spirituality, “Joe Duggan offers a deeply personal but readily accessible entry into the world of the retreat: a month-long and sometimes shorter time of sustained prayer, reflection, and communication with God. The perspective is Christian and Ignatian, after Ignatius Loyola, but re-fashioned through the lens of gratitude and freedom before the feast of God laid out in the gospel stories of Jesus. Gratitude and freely offered service are the basic themes. Duggan brings the structure of the Spiritual Exercises forward into a contemplative finding of God in all the things that make up our daily life combined with a deep sense of mission.”
− Roger Haight, SJ

“Joe Duggan outlines a healthy, joyful approach to prayer and reflection grounded in the Ignatian tradition enhanced greatly with contemporary insights. Spiritual maturity involves embrace not obedience, celebration not penance. With this guide, many people will find their way to deeper self-understanding, richer community, and more abundant love of the divine. Alleluia.”
− Mary E. Hunt, Theologian, Co-director of the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER)

“Joseph Duggan writes from the heart. He gives us very helpful insights into Ignatius and spirituality. Duggan shares his own personal struggles and spiritual journey making his book one that is good for the soul. Here, Duggan meets us, challenging us to deepen our spiritual directions and grow in the process.The Feast guides and enriches our lives, and should be widely read.”
Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Associate Professor of Theology, Earlham School of Religion

“Joseph Duggan has given us a new and refreshing take on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola and liberates them from an ecumenical and contemporary perspective. His quote from St Irenaeus of Lyons that “The glory of God is a human being fully alive” sums up his view of the spiritual journey and Christian discipleship. His own and two other spiritual autobiographies in The Feast will encourage many on their journeys.”
− Father Michael Lapsley SSM. Institute for Healing of Memories