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Kim_Embracing the Other_cov_9780802872999AAR in Atlanta was very busy for me.

At AAR, Eerdmans interviewed some of their authors on their latest books. Eerdmans interviewed me about my new book, Embracing the Other.

One of the questions that they asked each author was, “What would you like for Christmas?” Below is a short video compilation of our answers. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Longer videos of each author will be out in the New Year.

Below is from the EerdWord Website.


From William T. Cavanaugh, John M. G. Barclay, J. R. Daniel Kirk, D. A. Carson, Mark Boda, Gisela Kreglinger, Stephen B. Chapman, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Brant Pitre, Johnny Bernard Hill, Oliver Crisp, Stanley E. Porter, Dale C. Allison Jr., and all of us at Eerdmans . . .

. . . Merry Christmas!