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Kim_Embracing the Other_cov_9780802872999I am reposting this from EerdWord Blog. Check out the site for more interesting posts.


Welcome once again to Eerdmans All Over, a Friday roundup of all the Eerdmans-related news, reviews, interviews, and other interesting online content we can gather in a given week.

New Releases

A Covenant with Death: Death in the Iron Age II and Its Rhetorical Uses in Proto-Isaiah
By Christoper Hays

Paul, Apostle of Liberty (2nd Edition)
By Richard N. Longenecker
Foreword by Douglas Campbell

News from Eerdmans . . .

  • We’re hiring! Eerdmans is looking for a new project editor with a New Testament studies specialization. Read the posting and learn how to apply here.

. . . and Elsewhere

  • 978-0-8028-6889-3_Barclay_Paul and the Gift_jkt.inddPaul and the Gift by John M. G. Barclay wasreviewed for the Reformation 21 blog. Alastair Roberts praises the “elegant simplicity” of the book, and says that “after Barclay has followed the implications of his core insight through the history of Christian readings of Paul, prominent texts of Second Temple Judaism, and the books of Romans and Galatians, few should doubt its significance.” Barclay is one of many Eerdmans authors who will be presenting at AAR & SBL. You can find more information about the session on Paul and the Gift — and all the Eerdmans-related sessions — here onEerdWord.
  • Grace Ji-Sun Kim, author of Embracing the Other, published an article on the Sojournerswebsite titled “Strangers in a Strange Land.” Kim also wrapped up a taping with Jesse Jackson for his Upfront show, and her work is featured in the November/December edition of Horizons. Kim is another Eerdmans author busy at AAR & SBL this week: don’t miss the two roundtable sessions that will feature her new book.
  • Speaking of AAR & SBL, Michael Bird published his list of “Things to Do at ETS/IBR/SBL” earlier this week. One of his suggestions is to “ask the Eerdmans folks that on a scale between Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, what is it like to work with Mike Bird?” We’re not really sure.