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AAR is full of exciting panels and events. Below are some of my Sunday events at AAR. Hope to see some of you there in Atlanta.

  • Families in Migration

Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Earlham College, Presiding

Sunday Nov 22, 2015 – 3:00 PM-4:30 PM

Marriott-M301-302 (Marquis Level)

Jesse Zink, University of Cambridge,

Turn Back on Us, O God: Religious Change among Dinka Women and Children during Sudan’s Civil War

Lisa Beth White, Boston University

Building Bridges: A Feminist Missiological Examination of Religious Practices in Response to Mass Immigration by Undocumented Minors


Susan Ridgely, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

  • Women’s Caucus Group

Sunday Nov 22, 2015

– 5:00 PM-7:00 PM

Hyatt-Hanover B (Exhibit Level)Elizabeth Ursic, Mesa Community College, Presiding

Theme: Enriching the Field: Publishing New Books on Gender and Religion

Karma Lekshe Tsomo, University of San Diego
Eminent Buddhist Women (State University of New York Press, 2014)

Kim_Embracing the Other_cov_9780802872999Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Earlham College, Embracing the Other, A Transformative Spirit of Love (W. B. Eerdmans, 2015) 

Jennifer Hockenbery, Mount Mary College, Thinking Woman: A Philosophical Approach to the Quandary of Gender (Cascade, 2015)

Elisheva Baumgarten, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Practicing Piety in Medieval Ashkenaz: Men, Women and Everyday Observance (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014)

Julie Neuffer, Eastern Washington University
Helen Andelin and the Fascinating Womanhood Movement (University of Utah Press, 2014)

Mary Beth Fraser Connolly, Purdue University North Central
Women of Faith: The Chicago Sisters of Mercy and the Evolution of a Religious Community (Fordham University Press, 2014)

Elizabeth O’Donnell Gandolfo, Wake Forest University, The Power and Vulnerability of Love: A Theological Anthropology (Fortress Press, 2015)

  • Korean North American Theology


Sunday November 22, 2015- 7:00 PM-8:00 PM
Sheraton-Georgia 2 (Level 1)

Timothy S. Lee, Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University, Presiding

Review: The Liberative Cross: Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim (Earlham School of Religion)

Response: Dr, Hye Kyung Heo (Knox College)

Reviews: A Postcolonial Self: Korean Immigrant Theology and Church: Dr. Peter Phan (Georgetown University)

 Response: Dr. Hee An Choi (Boston University)


  • AAR Awards Ceremony

Sunday November 22, 2915, 7-8:30 pm

Westin-Overlook (Level 6)

Opening Welcome- Jack Fitzmier, Executive Director

Ceremony Host- Serene Jones, President-Elect

Recognition of the Regional Development Grants- Susan Hill, Chair, Regions Committee

Recognition of International Dissertation Research Grant & the Selva Raj Endowed Fellowship- Elias K. Bongmba, Chair, Graduate Student Awards Jury

Recognition of the Research Grants- Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Research Grants Jury

Recognition of the Collaborative International Connections Committee- Amy Allocco, Chair,International Research Grants

Presentation of Journalism Awards- Josef Sorett, PUR Committee

Presentation of Excellence in Teaching Award- Lerone Martin, Chair, Teaching and Learning Committee

Presentation of Martin E. Marty Award-Ayesha S. Chaudhry, PUR Committee

Presentation of Religion and the Arts Awards-Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, Chair, Religion & the Arts Award Jury

Presentation of Best First Bookin the History of Religions-Gustavo Benavides, Chair, History of Religions Jury

Presentation of Book Excellence Awards- Serene Jones, AAR President-Elect