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graham hill bookI endorsed a new book, Signs of Hope in the City: Renewing Urban Mission, Embracing Radical Hopeedited by Dr. Graham Hill. Read this new book if you are interested in urban missions, church,  interfaith dynamics and more……

Dr. Graham Hill is an internationally recognised practical theologian, teacher, and speaker. He is an international leader in the fields of global theology, world Christianity, and missional theology and practice. Graham is Vice Principal of Morling Baptist Theological College, Sydney, Australia, and Director of the GlobalChurch Project.

His website is: http://www.grahamhillauthor.com


Amazon Book Description

Signs of Hope in the City: Renewing Urban Mission, Embracing Radical Hope. By 2025, there will be 3 billion people living in urban slums. This raises huge questions for the church. Where are the “signs of hope” in our cities? How can the church become “hope enfleshed”? What does it mean to serve the God of hope and transformation? How do we recruit, equip, and sustain people for hope-filled urban mission today? With a Foreword by Michael Frost, Signs of Hope in the City offers the best of the 2014 International Society of Urban Mission (ISUM) Summit.

This book explores such themes as urban poverty, interfaith dynamics, Christian spirituality, trafficking, creation care, asylum seekers and refugees, and the local church’s role in urban transformation. The authors are grassroots practitioners and world-class thinkers who will help you renew your passion for urban mission. They will inspire you to see and release Spirit-empowered, Christ-honouring signs of hope in your city and beyond.

Select Endorsements:

“Graham Hill’s new book builds on his Salt, Light and a City to investigate the meaning of the body of Christ in the cities of the world, as we live in glocal ecclesiastical communities. This delightful collection of essays revitalizes our thinking and re-imagines our engagement in urban ministry as it dynamically explores critical issues of urban ecology, urban churches, and Christian discipleship. This book presents an opportunity to develop an expansive perspective on urban communities that inspire change, renewal, and transformation.”

Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Associate Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion


“By 2050 two thirds of the world’s people will live in urban settings, with billions entrenched in poverty. The forward-thinking contributors to Signs of Hope in the City expertly contend with these realities. By advocating for increased education, community engagement, and interfaith dialogue, each offers practical wisdom for cultivating the call of all Christians to know and love others, especially the most vulnerable.”

Gina A. Zurlo, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary