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Kim_Embracing the Other_cov_9780802872999This is my new Podcast Interview about my new book, “Embracing the Other“. 

It is for Russ Jennings’ Podcast, “Love in a Dangerous Time“. Please listen to all the other interesting podcasts on Jennings’ site.

Embracing the Other: The Transformative Spirit of Love – A Conversation with Grace Ji-Sun Kim   Recently updated !


Grace Kim

I’m sure you felt the excitement. I’m sure you had already guessed. Or maybe you saw it all over the media, but today is International Podcast Day. I’ve got a link in the show notes to their website (internationalpodcastday.com) and it’s actually pretty interesting. So if you like to listen to podcasts, or if you’re a podcaster yourself, you may enjoy checking it out.

We live it a time of particularly harsh racial and cultural animosity. We here a major presidential candidate joking about “killing Muslims,” white supremacists feel compelled and empowered to kill African Americans in a church, and daily we see videos on our phones showing mostly young African American men murdered with absolute impunity by police. We are obsessed with “The Other.”

Today’s guest, Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim is a Korean-Canadian theologian who is tackling the question of “The Other,” in her new book, which is being released today, September 30, entitled Embracing the Other: The Transformative Spirit of Love. It’s published by Wm. B. Eerdmans and is part of a series on Prophetic Christianity. The series, by the way, is co-edited by the Rev. Dr. Peter Heltzel, who has been a great friend to this podcast and has appeared in two episodes.

Grace being interviewed by Tripp Fuller of Homebrewed Christianity

Grace being interviewed by Tripp Fuller of Homebrewed Christianity

This is a complicated topic and the conversation is very helpful. So enjoy this conversation about Embracing the Other, by Grace Ji-Sun Kim.



Embracing the Other - cover

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