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hbc_newlogoHomebrewed Christianity Guide: Complete Set

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 I am reposting an original post from Homebrewed Christianity. Check out other posts, videos and interviews on this very interesting site.

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HBC_Cover_Spirit_rev2Presenting the new Homebrewed Christianity Guides!


The Homebrewed Christianity podcast brings you the best nerdy audiological ingredients so you can brew your own faith. Launched in 2008 by Tripp Fuller, Homebrewed Christianity has quickly become the top theology podcast in the world. Previous guests include Rob Bell,    N. T. Wright, Walter Brueggemann, Bart Ehrman, Tony Jones, Phyllis Tickle, and many more.

Now, Homebrewed Christianity is partnering with Fortress Press to bring you a brand new series—guides to everything you ever needed to know about theology and the Christian tradition! Written in the irreverent style of theHomebrewed Christianity podcast, these guides will lead you to a deeper understanding of God and faith. Buckle up!

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HBCJesus-600x600Get all 10 books in the series for a special pre-order price!

By purchasing the preorder set you get:

  • 10 really awesome guides to all of your theological questions. At a discount. Seriously.
  • Free shipping on each book in the series as it becomes available
  • Free, exclusive High-Gravity class from Homebrewed Christianity
  • Free Homebrewed Christianity Theology Nerd Pint card
  • A way to join the ministry and support the top theology podcast in the world

By purchasing the preorder set you get:

Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Jesus

Lord, Liar, Lunatic…or Awesome

Tripp Fuller


The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to God

Everything You Ever Needed to Know about the Almighty

Eric Hall


Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Church History

Flaming Heretics and Heavy Drinkers

Bill Leonard


Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Being Human

Becoming the Best Bag of Bones You Can Be

Donna Bowman


Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the New Testament

Four Gospels, a Bunch of Letters, and a Science Fiction Novel

Diane Lipsett


Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the Old Testament

Israel’s In-Your-Face, Holy God

Rolf Jacobson


Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Salvation

How to Avoid Eternal Conscious Torment

Adam Clark


Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the Holy Spirit

Hand-Raisers, Han, and the Holy Ghost

Grace Ji-Sun Kim


Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the End Times

Theology after You’ve Been Left Behind

Jeffrey Pugh


Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Evil

Pitchforks, Ontic Shock, and Our Dystopian Future

Helene Russell

The Homebrewed Christianity Guide series has one real goal: we want to think with you, not for you. These guidebooks are not boringly neutral; instead, they are zestily provocative, meant to get you thinking and brewing. And remember: Share the brew!