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yokedCongratulations to the Revs. Mihee Kim-Kort and Andy Kort on their new book, Yoked: Stories of a Clergy Couple in Marriage, Family and Ministry.


I endorsed this wonderful new book.  It is a great book for couples who are interested in honest reflections about marriage, children and living as a couple.  Thanks to both for a wonderful book.

Read her first book, Making Paper Cranes which I also endorsed and wrote the Foreword for the book.


From Amazon Website:

This collection of true stories is written by Mihee Kim-Kort and Andy Kort, a married clergy couple who met while they were in seminary. They share their unique perspective on the joys and challenges of ministry in alternating segments, forming a collective narrative that illuminates the inner workings of a clergy marriage, even as it inspires with heartfelt tales of life in ministry.

Throughout the book Mihee and Andy relate their respective impressions of shared experiences, revealing inherent differences and potential sources of conflict, but also demonstrating how they work through their differences, communicate, and collaborate to make the most of their strengths. With 20 years of ministry experience between them, a blue Subaru Outback crammed full of child car seats, an old dog named Ellis, and life experience in three states, Andy and Mihee have struggled with infertility, survived the threat of foreclosure, travelled abroad and led mission trips together, and through it all remain yoked together.

This tale of endurance is only made possible by hard work, sympathetic friends, endless conversations, countless cups of coffee and bottles of beer, and the grace of God.

Editorial Reviews


Two ministers married to each other may make some say, “Yikes!” but dynamic clerical duo, Andy and Mihee, reveal the gift of being yoked to each other and God. This book challenges implicitly the common notion that a clergy couple is a crisis in the making. Rather, they show that it is a courageous undertaking that will only thrive by God’s grace. In antiphonal narrative form, we learn about this grace through honest and transparent stories about the highs and lows that make up life, love, and ministry. Some say ‘the devil is in the details.’ These two show that God is at work in the details, too! This is a necessary read for anyone who yearns for the truth about marriage, family, and ministry.(Rev. Luke A. Powery, dean of the chapel, Duke University)

Sharing from the heart, Andy and Mihee honestly and openly reflect in Yoked, on what it means to engage in ministry, raise a family, and live life together. Their deeply personal stories and reflections invite us to contemplate on God and God’s call for our lives. This book is informative, delightful, and instructive as their stories nurture our spirits and nourish our hearts to provide joy, meaning, and hope.(Rev. Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Georgetown University; author, “Colonialism, Han, and the Transformative Spirit”)

It is hard work being a clergy couple. Of course, as Andrew Kort and Mihee Kim-Kort show, it is also hard work being called to be a disciple and being called to be married. The near total dearth of resources on how to be a clergy couple has been aptly filled. We recommend this book whole-heartedly.(Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee, Duke Divinity School and Rev. Jaylynn Byassee)

Frederick Buchner said, “Listen to your life,” and Andrew Kort and Mihee Kim-Kort have done just that. The fruit of their listening is a wise book on the joys and challenges of being a clergy couple. As a member of a clergy couple myself, I learned from their stories, and I look forward to recommending Yoked to others starting out on this wonderful shared journey.(Rev. L. Roger Owens, Associate Professor of Leadership and Ministry, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)

More than a survival guide, Yoked is a joyful, honest look at the highs and lows of life together as a ministry couple. It is a helpful manual for Christians seeking to deepen the bonds of their marriage while committing their lives to the inviting and demanding work of ministry. Yoked immediately becomes the best resource we have for couples seeking to practice faithful ministry together. It is mandatory reading for anyone serious about being a disciple in both ministry and marriage. (Adam Hollowell, Duke University Chapel)

About the Authors

Andrew Kort is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). He is currently the senior pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Bloomington, Indiana.
Mihee Kim-Kort is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). She has also written Making Paper Cranes: Toward an Asian American Feminist Theology. Currently, she leads a college ministry in Bloomington, Indiana.