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photo credit: Dwight Morita

We are doing a Pubslush Campaign to raise funds to help publish a new book, Reflections Along the Journey: Theological Narratives of Korean American Clergywomen
(Judson Press).

Please help spread the word and please support our publication.  Please go to the original site to donate.  Thank you!!


by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Editor


The project is a compilation of theological reflections, sermons, and stories of faith from Korean American women.

Page Length:
100 – 250 Pages

Book Status:

The main goal is to share their stories to provide a window of
understanding into the trials of Korean American women in ministry—a window
that may serve as a mirror for other women who know what it is to be
marginalized, overlooked, or prejudged based on their gender, ethnicity,
culture, or appearance.  The project is unique in that the book contains
various genres of writing—sermons, theological reflections, stories of personal
journey, and poetry from women of various generations.  By supporting this
project, people will become a source of encouragement, inspiration, and
affirmation for other Asian American women called to Christian ministry.
Their stories and voices add clarity, wisdom, and hope, enriching the
overall landscape of writings in this field.

List of Contributors: Unzu Lee, Aram Bae, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Christine Hong, Yena Hwang, Nayoung Ha, Mihee Kim-Kort, Jean Kim, Mickie Choi, Irene Pak, and Joann Lee

Foreword by Neal Presa

Epilogue by Laura Mariko Cheifetz

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

The funds will be used to offset the production costs and publication of my project.