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DSC_0599This is my daughter’s blog about our recent last minute trip to Bermuda.  Hope you enjoy it.

The trip was last minute and I was very glad to be going. We spent three days on the cruise ship to get to Bermuda, three days in Bermuda, and two more days to go back home. I went with only my mom, Josh, and my cousins’ family because my dad and Theo had plans. I missed them a lot throughout the trip but I still enjoyed the week.

The first two days were filled with lots of activities on the ship. Naomi, my cousin and I did a lot of things together. We went to the pool, ate, and toured the ship together. The ship was large but not the largest for Celebrity. It was still tough to get to know the entire ship, though. After a couple days, I came to know where all the restaurants, lounges, theatres and even where the bathrooms were. The Oceanview restaurant was the most common place where people ate. The food varied from Italian, Korean, Chinese, American etc., and was open all day long. It was a buffet so we didn’t have to wait for waiters to serve us. The food was really tasty, but I think the cooks over did the salt in some of their dishes. We had breakfast and lunch at the Oceanview Restaurant but had dinner at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant.DSC_0035

This restaurant is the only sit down restaurant that doesn’t have a cover charge. The food was even better at this restaurant and it had more options and fancier dishes. We tried escargots, frog legs and other specialty foods. I loved eating there, even though I became an elephant after finishing my meal. Our waiter and waitress were amazing as they always brought some extra breadsticks and hummus because they knew we really liked them.

Before dinner we always watched the 7 o’clock theatre production. They had performers come out and dance or sing or perform their special talent. They had special guests such as the Tenors of Rock (who performed on the X factor), Mike the Rock star Juggler (who was also on the X factor) and some cooks from the show Top Chef. I was always excited to go to the shows and see what they had to offer. One night there even was a stand up comedian!

The stateroom that we stayed in was a good size for three people. There were two twin beds and a pull out couch. The room also contained a small bathroom and a shower. I liked the small shower but Naomi thought it as too claustrophobic. There was also a TV that played in English which shocked me because the last cruise to Europe, the TV was in Spanish. Next to the TV there was the closet (which was across from the bathroom) that contained hangers and drawers. There was a small desk in the corner of the room and a giant mirror that covered an entire wall. I loved the room and it soon became home for the week. The beds were super comfy and I loved the TV.

When we got to Bermuda we headed out early to go sightseeing in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda. I couldn’t wait to get off the ship! But as I exited the ship, a hot blast of air enveloped me. It was so so so hot. I wish I had known the temperature because it had to be at least 105 degrees! We took a ferry to Hamilton. There, we shopped and walked around, a lot. It was belching hot and all I wanted to do was sit down. But I knew I shouldn’t, so I took advantage of being on vacation and followed my mom. After a few hours, we got hungry so we took the ferry back to the ship. As we waited in line to get inside, crew workers had trays of cold, iced, towels, just what we all needed. Now, I couldn’t wait to get ON the ship!

The next day, we took a bus to Horseshoe Bay. The weather was cool in the morning but quickly heated up to the same 105 degree weather. We were lucky enough to borrow a tent at the beach from some very caring locals. I noticed that all Bermudians were so nice. They all knew each other and were so friendly to tourists. Some other locals even shared their meal with us! They gave us chicken, pasta, more chicken, macaroni and cheese, and of course, water. I couldn’t believe their friendliness.

One thing I don’t like about beaches is the sand that stayed on my skin. I go in the water for a bit and come out. I try to dry off in the sun so that the sand doesn’t stick to me but what do you know! it still sticks. It’s like it jumps onto me and clutches onto my skin. Because of the sand, I can’t eat or even put sunscreen on! And since I couldn’t do that I burnt like a piece of toast.

The beach was super busy so Naomi and I decided to explore other parts of the bay. We found a smaller but less busy beach. The water was crystal clear and the waves were less strong. We should’ve set down here but it was kind of too late now. We spent a couple more hours there then decided to go back to ship Summit.

The last day in Bermuda the ship would be leaving at 4:30 p.m. so we only had a few hours. We wanted to go to St. Georges so we took a 45 minute ferry ride to the other side of the island. St. Georges is a historical city; it was the first part of Bermuda that the English found. And surprise, surprise it was hot again. We were only walking around for two minutes but we were already drenched in sweat. My aunt asked some store owners what beaches were nice and one lady mentioned Tobacco Bay and Fort St. Catherine beach. We took a cab to Fort St. Catherine first and then walked to Tobacco Bay after. I hadn’t worn my bathing suit because I didn’t know we were going to any beaches so I just put my feet in. I didn’t really want to get wet anyways because of the sand, so it all worked out.


We stayed at St. Catherine beach for only about 30 minutes. We had seen Tobacco Bay on our way to St. Catherine and it looked absolutely beautiful. The walk was torture in the heat but I forced myself to put each foot in front of the other. Finally, we arrived! I found a good seat with an umbrella to shade us but it didn’t really matter because I ended up dipping my feet in the clear water. The sand was rocky so it hurt my feet but the cool thing was that there were tiny fish. They were so many swimming around and since the water was so clear you could each one. Naomi, Matthew, and Josh swam deep into the water, so I took lots of pictures of them in front of the huge rocks and boulders, which made the landscape, look gorgeous. They almost looked like nature made sculptures at an art gallery. Time was coming closer to the departure of the last ferry ride, 2:30 p.m., so we took a cab to the ferry. We hopped on the ferry and glided along the water. This time I stayed outside on the balcony of the ferry instead of inside. The breeze cooled me down instantly. It was so windy; it almost blew my hat away!

On our way to the cruise ship, I took one last look at the gorgeous island of Bermuda; I probably wouldn’t be seeing it in a while. Then we entered the ship. The Summit wasn’t leaving until 4:30 p.m. so we could look outside our window but we wouldn’t physically be there. It was depressing once the boat started moving. Leaving Bermuda was very sad as I didn’t want to leave.

The last two days on the cruise, I tried to spend every minute enjoying my time. I tried to stay in a happy and positive mood. We spent most of the time at the pool. We met a few people and started up a conversation. Naomi and I also talked to some of the dancers that performed some of the nights. And of course, we took lots of pictures. I wanted to remember this summer forever and the only visual way to do that was to “Kodak” the moment.

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Minneapolis 043Elisabeth will be entering grade 8 at LVA.  She loves to act and dance and starred in her school play “Anne of Green Gables”.  She also sings in the school choir and also is in her school band.  She takes ballet and jazz lessons and also enjoys playing the piano and flute.