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book3I was interviewed by co-host, the Rev. Carol Howard Merritt for “God Complex Radio”.  She is the author of Tribal Church: Ministering to the Missing Generation and Reframing Hope: Vital Ministry in a New Generation.  She is a strong leader and voice on “how to engage with the changing nature of the church and culture.”

It was a lively interview on my third book, “Colonialism, Han, and the Transformative Spirit”. I would love to hear your feedback and comments on this interview.

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Below is a repost of the interview.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim: Colonialism, Han, and the Transformative Spirit

Join Carol for an engaging conversation about unjust suffering and oppression with Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim.  Her book “Colonialism, Han, and the Transformative Spirit” guides our podcast discussion using the Korean concept of han (unjust suffering) to shed light on our theological understanding of power and its abuse.  Grace Ji-Sun Kim is a Korean-American theologian, professor, blogger, and author.


Listen using the player or link below:


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