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amosI endorsed a really exciting new book, Interdisciplinary and Religio-Cultural Discourses on a Spirit-Filled World: Loosing the Spirits by Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Kirsteen Kim, Amos Yong

Book Description:

This volume presents interdisciplinary, intercultural, and interreligious approaches exploring a pneumatological theology in its broadest sense, especially in attempting to conceive of a spirit-filled world. The authors seek to discern the spiritual dimensions in the wider domains of the history, culture, the polis, the cosmos, sciences, and religions. The essays are driven by an intuition: that pneumatological sensibilities, categories, and insights can both inform the construction of a more robust doctrine of the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the world and enable the appreciation that we inhabit what can rightly be called a Spirit- and spirit-filled world.


“The widespread belief that we inhabit a world of spiritual as well as material forces is too important to be dismissed or ignored by intellectual elites. Finally, here is an excellent guide that addresses this topic from a variety of disciplinary, religious, and cultural perspectives.” – Frank D. Macchia, professor of Christian Theology,Vanguard University, US



“If you think you know pneumatology, think again! In this diverse – and I mean, DIVERSE – set of writings, the work of the Spirit takes a wide array of forms. The result is a book that pushes boundaries, and sometimes the boundaries seem to disappear altogether.” – Thomas Jay Oord, Professor, Northwest NazareneUniversity, Idaho, US



“Serious academic discussions of spirit(s) are few and far between. With the advent of this volume, the conversation has been taken to a whole new level. A robust series of engagements. Wide-ranging in its considerations and richly interdisciplinary.’ – Paul Rhodes Eddy, Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies, Bethel University, US



“This courageous book is inspirational, imaginative and renewing as it moves, empowers, and transforms us to reimagine a spirit-filled world. It collects diverse voices from around the globe to prophetically proclaim new dimensions of the spirit. The authors push boundaries, create new ways of seeing, suggest bold ideas, and make room for creative growth and vision. The writing is provocative, innovative, and challenging as it provides hope for a broken and divided world by inviting new dialogue partners, working towards including others, and embracing those who are different from us.’ – Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Associate Professor of Doctrinal Theology, Moravian Theological Seminary, US, Author of Colonialism, Han, and the Transformative Spirit, and Holy Spirit, Chi, and the Other.


About the Author

Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen is Professor of Systematic Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, and Docent of Ecumenics, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Kirsteen Kim is Professor of Theology and World Christianity at Leeds Trinity University College, UK.

Amos Yong is J. Rodman Williams Professor of Theology at Regent University School of Divinity, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.