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Cologne Cathedral

I participated in a WCC Working Group Meeting on Climate Change in Wuppertal, Germany. 

This is my son’s blog from his recent trip to Wuppertal, Germany.  Feel free to comment on his post.

I have been to several places around the world such as Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Monaco and Brazil, but I only had three trips with just my mom. The first was to Hawaii, then to Switzerland and now to Germany. I feel really lucky to travel with just my mom.

My mom was attending a World Council of Churches meeting in Wuppertal, Germany. We arrived in Germany a few days before the meeting and therefore had 2 days to do some sightseeing.

We took the train and went to Cologne. In Cologne we worshipped in Cologne Cathedral. It was the so beautiful inside. There was a huge pipe organ and an excellent choir. The entire worship was in German so I got a little bored.

IMG_5529Then we walked to the Perfume Museum and then to the Rhine River which is a famous river. From there we visited the Chocolate Museum. My mom really likes chocolate so we bought some for her to eat.


Rhine River, Cologne Germany

During the week, my mom was busy in her WCC meetings. Dr. Guillermo Kerber was the leader from WCC and he was really nice to me. Actually everyone was nice to me.


During my mom’s meeting, I did my homework, read my books, played games on the computer, and also played pool. As part of her meeting, we visited several interesting churches which are historic and also very good at saving the environment.



WCC Working Group on Climate Change



One famous church we visited in Wuppertal was Germacher Kirche. The organizer said that the Barmen Declaration was written inside this church.

We also went to a coal mine which is bigger than I expected. We learned about the pollution that the mine produces. I also got to meet the Mayor of Wuppertal.

We took the Suspension Railway to several places. It was swinging a lot and my mom felt really sick.



Wuppertal Zoo

My favorite part of the trip was an afternoon at the Wuppertal Zoo. At the Zoo, I saw different kinds of animals that I have never seen before.

The most interesting fact that I learned was that beer is cheaper to order in a restaurant than mineral water. In Germany, cars drive very fast on the highway. On our way to the airport the cab driver was going 160Km/hour.

When the meeting ended, we travelled to Dusseldorf, Cologne (again) and to Bonn. In Bonn, we saw Beethoven’s statute, his house, Munster Church and the University of Bonn.

I met a lot of interesting people and I learned a few German words. I had a great experience in Germany and I hope to visit again.

Bonn Munster

Bonn Munster


University of Bonn









Beethoven’s House, Bonn


Suspension Railway





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(Photo Credit: Dwight Morita)