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This is an invitation to blog for Feminism in Religion.  It is reposted from the FiR site.


In the present day of social media and blogging, many are now turning to the internet to share thoughts, concepts and more importantly ideas that matter to them most.

The Feminism in Religion Forum (FiR) has been a place for regular contributors to share thoughts on various aspects of how feminist studies in religion pertains to current events and research. FSR, Inc. explores the many and diverse ways in which feminism and religion intersect, whether it be through scholarship like the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (JFSR) or through public outreach such as blogging and social media. [insert screen shot of home blog page]

We usually post 4-6 posts every month with our regular bloggers. However, we would like to extend this invitation to you. We welcome diverse voices to join in this important discussion of feminist studies in religion. We desire posts from your own area of specialization, your perspective on a current event issue, or insights/challenges you would like to share related to pedagogy and/or activism.

FiR aims to be a “place where studies regarding the intersections between feminism and religion are shared with a wide audience.” This blog intends to provide thoughtful conversation and reflective critique, as well as information for people interested in any and all aspects of feminism and religion. When we founded the blog, we wanted it to be a forum for a wide range of topics, similar to a clearinghouse on feminism in religion. We imagine postings to include academic/theoretical discussions, critical analysis of teaching experiences, discussion of current events, professional/work-life issues, activism and things that matter to you most.


To submit a blog post for review, please email your submission to fir@fsrinc.org and include name, short bio (with hyperlink to bio page), and blog post content with hyperlink citations included and images if identified. Blog submissions should be between 700-900 words.

For more information about FiR and our vision, please visit our mission statement page. Please also consider signing up for our blog’s subscription list and/or following us on Twitter (@FeminismInRelig) and Facebook (Feminist Studies in Religion page).

With Best Wishes,

Kate Ott, EFSR Editor

Grace Ji-Sun Kim, EFSR Editor

Midori Hartman, EFSR Submissions Editor


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