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photoMay 31, 2014 was my daughter’s annual spring performance at the Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University.  This year’s performance was “A Tribute to American Music: An American Portrait, Our Town and Rodeo Suite”. 

The Ballet Build of the Lehigh Valley/Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s Artistic Director is Karen Kroninger Knerr and Marjorie Berlin Fink is the Founder (1958).

Our Town was choreographed by Philip Jerry and Rodeo Suite was choreographed by Christopher Fleming.  It was a beautiful production.


by: Elisabeth S. Lee

We started practicing for the Spring Performance in April and have been working hard ever since. Our guest choreographer, Christopher Fleming, also worked hard so that we could perform at our best level.

The rehearsal schedule was very tiring and stressful for my parents as they had to plan everything with the busyness of my two other brothers.  But everything worked out and we all made it through.

The ballet performance went extremely well.  Lots of people fill the Zoellner Arts Center auditorium.  I think the audience enjoyed watching the 3 hour show. People were moved by ‘Our Town” dance performance.  It is a story about the life and death in a small town.

Everyone in the cast danced flawlessly. I really enjoyed dancing and being part of the “Rodeo Suite.” I also danced on Pointe in the  “College Hornpipe” and then performed Modern dance to “Poison Wine”.

Now that the performance is over, I feel like a big part of my life escaped me. Dancing is something I enjoy, and only until this year did I really begin to appreciate it. So, after this year’s Spring Performance, I feel a little heartbroken and sad. Not only are  we finished with dance until the fall, but also many of my dance friends will not be returning.

Below are a few pictures:











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Minneapolis 043Elisabeth is in grade 7 at LVA.  She loves to act and dance and starred in her school play “Anne of Green Gables”.  She also sings in the school choir and also is in her school band.  She takes ballet and jazz lessons and also enjoys playing the piano and flute.