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wuppertalI will be participating in a World Council of Churches’ “Working Group on Climate Change” meeting in Wuppertal, Germany from May 12-16, 2014. 

Last year I participated in the same meeting which was held in Geneva.  I was fortunate enough to be able to take my youngest son along with me to Geneva, and I am very happy that I can take my son again to this year’s meeting in Wuppertal, Germany.

As part of the ‘deal with my son’ to tag along with me to a WCC’s meeting, he has to write a blog before the trip, write a blog after the trip and keep a journal during the trip.  I think he is getting a great deal for an extended trip to Germany and missing 8 days of school! 

Enjoy his blog.  He welcomes your comments and feedback.


My Trip to Wuppertal, Germany:  by Joshua Lee

I am going to Wuppertal, Germany in three days. I am very lucky to be going to Germany because most kids don’t get to travel often.

I have been on many trips with my entire family. But I have only traveled with just my mom only twice before: to Switzerland and Hawaii.

Last year I went to Geneva Switzerland which was awesome. I visited so many sites in Geneva and really enjoyed my trip with my mom.wuppertal1

The year before that I went to Hawaii and visited beautiful beaches and monstrous mountains

There are lots of things I want to do in Wuppertal. In Wuppertal I want to visit the Wuppertal Zoo because I’ve never been to one before. I also want to visit the Sculpture Park. In Wuppertal there are more than 4,500 national monuments.

Wuppertal’s sports that are successful or popular are Football (Soccer), Team Handball, Basketball, Roller Hockey, and Volleyball. I hope I get to see a soccer game too. In Wuppertal there is a gliding tram that glides on tracks that is above it. So awesome!

Wuppertal’s landscape reminds me of Rome’s. I’ve heard that from anywhere you are in the city it’s only a ten minute walk to a public park.

After the trip I will be writing another blog about what I’ve seen, tasted and done in Wuppertal. Anyway, I am super excited about going to Germany! I am so eager to see and visit everything there is to do in Wuppertal.

wuppertal2I hope I have an awesome and fascinating trip to Wuppertal.


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web5Joshua is in grade 5 at LVA.  He plays soccer and basketball. He loves to play the violin, piano, and read fiction.

(Photo Credit: Dwight Morita)