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My son is the Co-Founder and Co-Captain of the Robotics Club at Liberty High School. Please consider donating to their club through KickStarter.

by Mark Henry Hoffman

The award-winning LHS Robotics Team has its sights set on nationals. Our baby robot needs a more athletic sibling to live the dream.

The Liberty High School Robotics Team, using Vex Competition Guidelines, wish to design, construct and test a prototype that is a more advanced robot, containing more functionality and features over the present design. This requires new design concepts, parts and testing in a Vex defined competition environment. This environment must be put in place to test and drive the robot, to evaluate functionality. The new competition rules and arena requirements will be available in Spring 2014. After this documentation is received, the team will design prototype drive trains and special function attachments over the summer of 2014. Funds are required to procure the parts required to build and evaluate the new design robot.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

The challenges are the mechanical and software programming designs to create the next level of robotic functionality. There are no real risks involved save coming up the learning curve to produce an award winning robot to the design rule specifications.


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The Liberty High School Robotics Team formed in October of 2013. The team is made up of six sophomore and freshmen students. Within only three months after forming, the team designed, built, and tested a competition robot. The robot, seen in the YouTube video below, won a place in the Vex Pennsylvania State Finals Competition. At a regional Vex competition the robot was awarded Tournament Champion and an Excellence Award. The team is eager to begin building the next generation, higher functioning robot, which will compete in the fall of 2014.

hoffmanMark Hoffman, the club advisor, has been a Mathematics and Physics Teacher at Liberty High School, his Alma Mater, for 15 years. Mark is a Master Electrician and a certified electronics technician. He was an electrical engineer and Engineering Manager for a local military supplier of high powered microwave transmitters for 15 years after the end of his duty as USAF Combat B-52 Electronic Warfare Officer. Mark and his wife live in Bethlehem with their two beagles. His two daughters are also successful graduates of Liberty High School and its thriving clubs and organizations.