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101-culturally-diverse-voicesI love reading “lists”.  Here is a list, ‘101 Culturally Diverse Christian Voices”  compiled by Jody Louise.  It is a wonderfully crafted list of diverse Christian voices.  I am so honored to be on this list.

Here is the post below:

“I’m just tired of only hearing white, mainstream evangelical voices,” a good friend lamented to me recently. “Why aren’t voices from other backgrounds listened to in the same way as the white voices?” I heard the weariness of consistent exclusion in his question, and frankly, wondered the same thing myself.

When I saw Rachel Held Evans’ list of 101 Christian Women Speakers a few months ago, I was struck most by their lack of representation and recognition in the mainstream white evangelical Christian culture.  Looking at the speakers at so many Christian conferences and gatherings, it would appear that white males are the only people qualified to speak from a place of faith. Rachel’s list showed us that this was not so.

As I researched this list, I was struck by how many great voices from diverse backgrounds are speaking in the public sphere through all sorts of mediums – writing, music, art, speaking.  It is my hope that this list will broaden the conversation even further and be a resource to help distribute the collective voice beyond only one dominant cultural perspective in the public Christian sphere.

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MXG0rtHS_biggerJody Louise writes when she can, teaches amazingly resilient immigrants to speak English, travels the world with her soul mate and sweet kids, teaches some university courses, and makes a mean curry. She grew up in the American evangelical christian tradition and now finds her spiritual home in the liturgy of the Anglican church.  For more bio, click here.