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fembloglogo1This is my post for Feminism and Religion.  It is adapted from my chapter in Reimagining with Christian Doctrines co-edited with Jenny Daggers (Palgrave).  So much thanks to Dr. Gina Messina-Dysert who is the Co-founder and Co-director of Feminism and Religion for all her advocacy work in the area of feminism and religion.  Please check out the  Feminism and Religion site with the wonderful list of contributors.  Follow them on twitter @FemReligion and on Facebook.

The church’s traditional understandings of the Creation story, the Trinity, the Eucharist, the Resurrection, Ecclesiology, Anthropology, Body, Atonement, and Sin have reinforced the subjugation of women. The book, Reimagining with Christian Doctrines:  Responding to Global Gender Injustice” co-edited with Jenny Daggers (Palgrave Macmillan) provides a snapshot of feminist voices within the United States and the United Kingdom who are examining theology from a global woman’s perspective. These voices reveal some of the pain and injustice which still exists in our churches as we continue to teach doctrines in ways which support complementary gender roles that feed the imagination of what women and men might be, in their own right and in relation to one another.

We recognize that gender injustice varies throughout the world. Some cultures are more patriarchal and gender discriminatory than others. In this recognition, we hope our voices will show solidarity with women around the globe. We examine old doctrines which persist in our world, critique them, and reconstruct or redeploy them for our present context. As we offer new ways of being and new ways of imagining, we hope these new voices will bring hope, peace, and justice to a world which persists in the old ways.

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BN7A3104-MGrace Ji-Sun Kim is Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University.  She is the author of 5 books, Contemplations from the Heart (forthcoming), Reimagining with Christian Doctrines co-edited with Jenny Daggers, Colonialism, Han and the Transformative Spirit,  The Holy Spirit, Chi, and the Other: A Model of Global and Intercultural Pneumatology & The Grace of Sophia: A Korean North American Women’s Christology. She is a co-editor with Dr. Joseph Cheah for the Palgrave Macmillan Book Series, “Asian Christianity in Diaspora”.