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photo copy 4My daughter dances at the Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley. The school has “parent observation week” twice a year.  It was a true delight to watch her dance last night!  Below is a short reflection from my daughter.

Now that Nutcracker is over and the weather is getting colder, I’ve been relaxing and overcoming the soreness from dancing in the Nutcracker. The cold weather caused my bones and muscles to freeze and become frigid and since I haven’t been dancing for a while due to Christmas break, it was hard for me to get in the same routine of going to dance classes four times a week.

I have recently started classes again and I have been really sore. Dancing immediately after a long break isn’t the best for dancers, especially since I didn’t stretch much during Christmas break. Although I suffered from foot aches and sore muscles, I pushed through and fought through it. My teacher worked me so hard that I’m finally getting used to dancing often again.

At home, I practice dance moves a lot, but I don’t fully go through the process of stretching and conditioning my muscles. So going to dance was a huge stretch from me sleeping to working my butt off.

This week was observation week at ballet, so my family was allowed to come and observe/watch me. I was so nervous to dance in front of them, even though they have watched me before. My mom came and took some pictures and videos of me.  Below are some pictures that my mother took:photo copy 2

photo copy 3

photo copy 5

photo copy 6



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Minneapolis 043Elisabeth is in grade 7 at LVA.  She loves to act and dance and starred in her school play “Anne of Green Gables”.  She also sings in the school choir and also is in her school band.  She takes ballet and jazz lessons and also enjoys playing the piano and flute.