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What’s next for South Africa after Mandela? They’ve made history, now they must make a way from Freedom to Equality…Today, South Africans are free, but grossly unequal…

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In the wake of Mandela’s death we see South Africa at a crucial crossroads…It is at once the “Rainbow Nation” while at the same time is one of the world’s most economically unequal societies…

Sidumo Dlamini, president of the 2.2-million-member Congress of South African Trade Unions, the country’s largest labour grouping and a member of the ruling alliance says that now “We still have racial unemployment, racial poverty and racial inequality…Our country is still in white hands.”

Last year the ANC’s youth wing waged a campaign for the nationalisation of banks and mines, the very policies abandoned by Mandela in 1994, and poor communities have staged a series of protests against a lack of housing and basic services.

A wave of violent labor unrest that swept the country in 2012 has continued this year, with workers in the mining, agriculture and transportation industries going on strike for higher wages. The unrest peaked on August 16th, when police killed 34 protesters…

Poverty remains most prevalent among black South Africans, who make up 79 per cent of the population of 53 million, the education system is in peril and South Africa has shortages of labor for skilled jobs.

To be sure South Africa has made many positive and historic changes…But, the work of so many activists and martyrs and remains unfinished…

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Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Colonialism, Han and the Transformative Spirit
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181668_200442476637136_8127177_aSantita Jackson  is an American singer and political commentator from Chicago, Illinois.  She is a Fox News Contributor and an Executive Producer of “Keep Hope Alive” Radio.com.  Santita is also the host of a television show on The Word Network About these ads