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MatthewMy nephew is very talented in many ways.  He is gifted in music as well as sports.  Listen to him play the drums, guitar and sing.

A-Tunes at A-Day

By Matthew Bu

My nephew starts off playing the drums.  Then he sings and plays the guitar!

“This year at A-Day, a handful of students and teachers got on the stage and played some awesome tunes for A-Tunes. If you missed it, maybe you should have actually gone to A-Day instead of Havergal’s Celebration Saturday!”

watch it on youtube
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539402_537470462985500_1944375795_nMatthew Bu is a grade 12 student at Upper Canada College, Toronto, Canada.  He is active in his community and writes for his school paper.  He is the Editor-in-Chief for the Blue and White (TBAW), UCC’s student-run premier online publication.