meatballsThis short story was written by my son while I was away at in North Carolina.  What a nice surprise to return home to.  It is always nice to know that he did not waste all of his time playing “minecraft” while I was away.

PoppasFoodHeaven (Remake of Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs)

By Joshua B. Lee

One day in PoppasFoodHeaven, Tom Ring sat watching TV early in the morning. “Sunny” said the weather reporter, “with a chance of pancakes and a drizzle of orange juice mixed with milk, now back to you Cate”.

PoppasFoodHeaven was a different place from any other place in the world. All the food that they ate fell from the sky. So that morning Tom had fluffy pancakes, some French toast and some orange juice. Tom couldn’t wait for lunch.

When lunch arrived, there was a storm of golden cheese fries and Philly Cheese steaks. Fresh healthy salad came at the end of the delicious meal. After this kind of terrific lunch, Tom couldn’t even wait to eat dinner!pancake

Dinner was truly the best. They had golden rice falling from the rice sun. The refreshments were milk, water, juice, soda, and smoothies. Also yummy juicy steaks came along as well.

Tom thought the meals were delightful!

However to Tom’s dismay, the next day there was a big problem in PoppasFoodHeaven.

The food was becoming overcooked.  There were tons of broccoli, raw fish, too much cheesy spaghetti and it flooded the town.  There was also expired milk that ran through the streets.   It was so terrible, that Tom Ring and his family had to move to the land of FluffyCheeseball.

In FlufflyCheeseball, everything was so fluffy and cheesy that they had to move out of there.  They found an island called Sesame Street but couldn’t get anywhere without Cookie Monster nagging you.  It was so difficult to live there that they decided to leave again. Then, they ran into Chipmunks World where they accidentally stepped on a bunch of chipmunks. This made the chief chipmunk very upset and thus threatened them to leave Chipmunks World.

They finally gave up Chipmunks World and settled in Watermelon Hippies. They kicked all the Hippies out and were able to finally build homes.  Tom Ring lived with watermelon for the rest of his life without any troubles.

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Minneapolis 4 July 18, 2013 088Joshua is in grade 5 at LVA and is presently  the class treasurer. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball. He loves to play the violin, piano, and read fiction.