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Here is a poem that my son wrote for his English Class at Liberty High School.  Very interesting…..


Three Personas

As the end of August approaches the stress builds up

The remembrance of late nights

sitting in front of a messy desk, taking large dosages of caffeine

to help me through the night.

Waking up at 4:30 in the morning to study,

as if I was a machine,

struggling to stay awake during school

with only the reward of good grades and the approval of my parents.

Tests, piles of homework, projects, and extra-curriculars

fill my afternoons, forcing me to

manage my time and become focused.

The high expectations of my teachers and peers make me even more studious.

I am a zombie,

immobilized from doing anything else.

School takes over and becomes

one of my three personas.

As I sit there, in that hard wooden chair,

the light emitting from my lamp beaming on my face,

I wish, only wish I could escape this hell.

A new mindset takes over as my eyes slowly drift together…

I am free

The weather outside is fair, with only patches of clouds

I have no worries.

I am free,

 from the chains that bounded me in my room for hours


there is a need for acceptance and approval

from those all around me.

There is a drive within me to be popular

Going out late at night, to hang out with friends

staying out until whenever seemed right,

making rude jokes;

disregarding any rules

My apathy rises exponentially

I am blind to the people I am hurting

This desire for an exciting social life

changes my personality and also becomes,

one of my three personas.

I scream and escape this nightmare.

There must be something good in life.

Why must everything good, end up bad?

I pause and think…

I look around the room

and just outside the realm of light my lamp produces,

 I spot my bible

The many retreats and services flash through my mind.

Dimmed lights, repentance and love in the air; heartwarming praise touched my heart.

The many pains I had gone through brings doubt.

Has God always really been there?

Is he doing this for a purpose?

He has changed me.

He makes me look up to Him.

God produces

one of my three personas.

As I lay in bed and contemplate

I begin to think about who I really am

I am affected by my environment and my emotional state,

And have three personas.

But regardless

I am these hardships

I am these desires

I am my doubts

This is me

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Theo Andrew is a sophomore at Liberty High School and is the Vice President of class 2016. He is on the soccer team, track team and in several clubs at his High School.  He is co-founder and Captain of the “Robotics Club” at Liberty.  He enjoys playing the piano and plays the keyboard in his church band.