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I am so pleased to be participating in another Wabash Blog Series.  The first one was called, “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda”.  This blog series is called,  “Lecturing Less and Teaching More.”  Check out all the different weekly posts by each blogger.

This series, moderated by Roger S. Nam, will begin September 24, 2013. Gene Gallagher, Karyn Wiseman, Bobby Williamson, Lea Schweitz, Israel Galindo, Kameron Carter, Eric Barreto, Wil Gafney, Kwok Pui-Lan, Greg Carey, Brooke Lester, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Kate Blanchard, Monica Coleman, Lynn Neal, Deepak Sarma, and Roger Nam will provide blog entries to spark your imagination and perhaps fuel debate. Details about each blog will be provided as they are posted.

We hope you will find these blogs to be engaging reading and we encourage you to add your comments, questions, and insights.


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BN7A3104-MGrace Ji-Sun Kim is Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University.  She is the author of 4 books, Reimagining with Christian Doctrines co-edited with Jenny Daggers (Palgrave forthcoming), Colonialism, Han and the Transformative Spirit (Palgrave Pivot), The Holy Spirit, Chi, and the Other: A Model of Global and Intercultural Pneumatology (Palgrave Macmillan) and The Grace of Sophia: A Korean North American Women’s Christology (Pilgrim Press).