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Lead_business_logoThis summer my kids and my nephew and niece all had really wonderful experiences.  My niece got to spend an entire month in Paris studying design.  My nephew attended an educational summer program called Lead Business.  Lead is a business program at Western University where one gets a firsthand business experience.

It is a very competitive and prestigious program.  Students live in residence for 2 weeks and study various aspects about business.  They learn accounting, marketing, social media marketing, operations, etc.,

At the program, there is a Western Ivey Lead business competition which the students  get to participate in. The competition is to create your own video, post it on Youtube and try to get as many views as possible using social media and other tactics.  The competition ends this Friday….so please feel free to view it and share the video below.

Please watch this video about Salthaven: Changing Lives, One Animal at a Time.

It is a moving video clip.

Feel free to share it.

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539402_537470462985500_1944375795_nMatthew Bu is a grade 11 student at Upper Canada College, Toronto, Canada.  He is active in his community and writes for his school paper.