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This devotion was given by one of my students, John Egerton (Moravian Theological Seminary) for my “Introduction to Theology” class.

lily_pad_lotus_flower.jpeg“Understanding the Questions”

by John Egerton

A number of years ago, when my older son Todd was four years old and my younger son Eric was one, I came home to this scenario: My wife Barbara was making dinner; Todd was coloring as he sat at the center island of our kitchen, and Eric was napping in his crib. As I said “hello”, Todd decided to ask Barbara a question most parents probably dread, namely, “Mommy, how do you make love?”

Barbara turned quickly to face him and said, “What?” He repeated, “How do you make love?”

Now we both knew this topic would come up eventually in our jobs as parents, but we both thought we would get more lead time. We didn’t expect it from a four-year old. To gain time to formulate an appropriate answer for our four year old, Barbara expanded on her questioning of Todd, hoping to distract him or send the questioning off in a different direction. She said something like, “Why do you want to know this?”

Looking at her and then me, wondering why this was such a difficult question for his parents to answer, Todd explained. Glancing at the paper and crayons in front of him, he said, “I’m making this card for Grammy, and I know it begins with L.”

We both laughed, breathed sighs of relief, and then spelled out “L-O-V-E.”

Prayer:  God, as we go through the hours, the days, the weeks, the years, through our entire lives, help us to understand the questions we are asking and being asked, so that we can more fully comprehend the answers we give and are given. Help us to understand our special place in Your Creation. Help us to realize that LOVE is a great answer. Amen

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johnJohn Egerton lives with his wife, Barbara in Bath, Pa.  He is currently an MATS student at Moravian Theological Seminary.