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Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 10 20 04 AMYou do not want to miss this historic event.  The first annual meeting of the Society of Race, Ethnicity and Religion.
Confirm plenary speakers include: James Cone, Shawn Copeland, Barbara Mann, Kwok Pui Lan, Fernando Segovia, and George Tink Tinker.
Join us for the first annual meeting of the Society of Race, Ethnicity and Religion, April 26-28 in Chicago.


 1:00- 1:30  Welcome – SRER mission                                         30 minutes

 1:40- 3:30  Opening Plenary (Kwok & Cone)                 1:50 minutes

 3:40-5:00 Session 1                                                         1:20 minutes

  • Andrea Smith – Native Theology at the Horizon of Death: Gender, Settler Colonialism and Ethnographic Entrapment
  • Cleve V. Tinsley – Reading Black Bodies: Toward a Future Direction in the Sociological Study of African American Religions
  • Oscar Garcia-Johnson – The Global Church: A Challenge to Western Theology

 6:00  Reception



 8:00-9:20 Session 2                                                                   1:20 minutes

  • Sarah Neely – The White Myth: More Than a White Lie
  • Derek Woodard-Lehman – White Like Me: Notes for a Theology and Pedagogy of the Oppressor
  • Rubén Rosario Rodríguez – The Role of Nietzche’s Racial Essentialism in his Critique of Religion

 9:30–10:30  Organization meeting 1                                 1:00 minutes

 10:40-noon Session 3                                                      1:20 minutes

  • Grace Ji-Sun Kim – Sustainability and Han
  • W. David Nelson – Directing the Discourse: Interpretation, Identity and Institutional Diversification
  • Santiago Pinon – Gendered Learning, Racial Realities, and Ethnic Identities

 11:30 – 1pm  Lunch

 1:00-2:50 Middle Plenary (Segovia & Mann)                  1:50 minutes

 3:00-4:20 Session 4                                                                   1:20 minutes

  • Nayoung Ha – May I Be Your Sister in the Wilderness? Opening Sarah’s Heart to Hagar in the South Korean Context
  • LaReine-Marie Mosely – The Fruitful Rhetoric of Dolores S. Williams
  • Dexter Callender, Jr – Subjectivity and the Other Prophetic Consciousness: Contextual Reading and the Construction of the Identity

4:30 – 6 Organization meeting 2                                     1:30 minutes



 8:00-9:00 Session 5 (2 papers)                                          :60 minutes

  • Patrick Cheng – Rainbow Theology: Bridging Race, Sexuality, and the Spirit
  • Luis León – Cesar’s Body: God Help Us to Be Men

 9:10–10:10 Session 6 (2 papers)                                                  :60 minutes

  • Lourdes Rincon – How Paul’s Racial and Ethnic Compromise Led The Jesus Movement Astray
  • Janette Ok – You Are Who You’re Not: Constructing Ethnic Identity in 1 Peter

10:20-12:10  Closing Plenary (Copeland & Tinker)        1:50 minutes

12:20-1:00  Closing Comments                                          :40 minutes

[see also: Society of Race, Ethnicity and Religion]


601637_493617750668836_1754960218_nDr. Miguel A. De La Torre (Iliff School of Theology), Dr. Stacey Floyd-Thomas (Divinity School, Vanderbilt University) & Dr. Anthony Pinn (Rice University) are co-founders of The Society of Race, Ethncity, and Religion (SRER).  They are also coordinating the first SRER meeting in Chicago 2013.  For more information, you can like the group “SRER” on Facebook.