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kim-kort-coverRev. Mihee Kim-Kort’s book is now released.   I wrote a Foreword and endorsed her creative new book. Below is a repost of Rev. Kim-Kort’s blog on her thoughts on releasing her first book.

“It’s official.

Making Paper Cranes is now (actually, it sort of has been for a bit) available on Amazon and Chalice Press.


It’s a little surreal. And crazy. And 100% terrifying.

If you are interested in looking at a PDF sample that holds a few excerpts, click here. There’s much more (almost too much) information on the main page, which is here. And of course, to order click here or here.

If you are interested in a discussion guide, I hope to have one available on January 15th. I think it could be good for bible study series, book clubs, and other small groups.

People who should read this book: EVERYONE. Says Andy. He’s very supportive. And, actually I think he also needs to “finish” reading the book.

But seriously, read it if you fall under any of these categories:

1. Andy 2. Young Asian American women interested in ministry 3. People interested in faith and theology 4. People interested in culture and identity 5. People interested in stories of non-white feminism 6. People interested in liberative theologies 7. People interested in another way to engage church and theology 8. People interested in a primer for the current writings of the most engaging and provocative Asian American theologians 9. People interested in helping to shape and cultivate Asian American theology 10. People interested in hearing and advocating for marginalized voices

I am grateful to so many who’ve inspired me along the way through friendships, ministries, and so much more (only a couple from this list made the acknowledgements page because I was only allowed one page so I wanted to add more here): Erica Liu, Kiran Young Wimberly, Jennifer Shim Lovers, Courtney Mills Jones Willis, Stina Busman, Amy Barlak, Rachel Hong, Grace Lee, Wonhee Anne Joh, Christine Hong, Aram Bae, Eun-Hyey Park Lok, Jenny Yang Hong, Christine Gough, Lauren Joujan, Theresa Cho, Laura Mariko Cheifitz, Larissa Kwong Abazia, Joanne Lee Moon, Kyunghee Lim, Neah Lee, Stina Busman, Katie Mulligan, Meredith Holladay, Yolanda Pierce, SueJeanne Koh, Carolyn Helsel, Renee Gallahan, and again, Grace Ji-Sun Kim. The folks at FPC-Bloomington have also been really supportive, my women’s Bible Study at CHPC, sisters in The Young Clergy Women Project as well as Bruce Reyes-Chow, Luis Rivera-Pagan, Mark Taylor, and Brian Blount.

I know I’m forgetting people – too many who are doing some incredible work out there for the kingdom. Ok. I commend this to the Lord, and hope that 1) people don’t end up thinking I’m too crazy, and 2) and that it is encouraging in some small way.”

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416855_10152188940905089_1228205620_nRev. Mihee Kim-Kort is an ordained Presbyterian minister and mom to twin babies with #3 on the way. Her current ministry is UKIRK (www.iukirk.com) to college students at Indiana University through the two PCUSA churches in town. She graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a BA in English and Religion, Princeton Theological Seminary with her MDiv and ThM (Religion and Society). She blogs at First Day Walking (www.miheekimkort.com).