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Dec 2012 037by Elisabeth S. Lee

Dancing is my life. I really don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t dance. I compare dancing to walking on a path. As every year passes I think I’ve walked a mile.

My dancing career started at the local YMCA when I was just three years old.  After one year, I moved to a more advanced school called Kathleen A. Magyar.  Presently, I dance at the Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley where I dance ballet (pointe) and jazz.

When I was younger, I thought dancing was a boring activity.  But now I regret thinking that way.  As I grow older, I am learning the art of dance.  This has helped me to begin to really appreciate and enjoy dance.Dec 2012 080

I recently danced in the Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s production of the “Nutcracker.”  I danced in six performances.  I danced in the role of “party girl,” “Soldier” and “Chinese Girl”.  This was my 5th year dancing in this production. Some of you may ask, “Doesn’t it get tiring or boring doing the same thing over and over?”  My answer is “No it does not.”

I believe that if you truly love something you would never get tired of it.  This is exactly how I feel about dancing.  These days, I dance 6 days a week for 2-5 hours a class.  I do get physically tired but it is so worth it.Dec 2012 023Dec 2012 031-1

Many of my friends have quit dancing already.  But for me, I feel that it’s too late to quit now. I’ve learned and “walked” too far that I just wouldn’t be able to stop dancing.  I have travelled the path too long.Dec 2012 012-aDec 2012 006-a

I thank my mom who’ve always wanted to dance as a young girl, but couldn’t afford to take classes.  I also thank my ballet teachers who helped guide me along this path and have taken me this far on the path.  I hope to make it to Julliard and also become a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet… One day, but today is only today. I’ve got to keep walking.

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180Elisabeth is in grade 6 at LVA.  She loves to act and dance and starred in her school play “Anne of Green Gables”.  She also sings in the school choir and also is in her school band.  She takes ballet and jazz lessons and also enjoys playing the piano and flute.