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I graduated from Knox College (Canada) in 1995 with my M.Div.  Some of my Knox College classmates were very talented and gifted-some sang, danced, debated, acted…….  One of my talented classmate is Rev. John A. Giurin.  Recently, he wrote a song, made a video and posted it up on Youtube.  It is pretty fun to watch.  Here is his story and video. 

by Rev. John A. Giurin

Have you ever noticed how a phrase sometimes pops up in your mind, without giving you any prior notice or clue as to where it came from? I have no idea where the thought “I’d be a braver man but first I need a little drink” came from, but there it was, stuck in my brain, refusing to get out of the way of any other more important thoughts.

And no, no drinking was involved. But there was something there, because I decided to let that thought loose, just to see where it would lead.

Well, it led to a dozen or so variations on the theme of why I’m not who I think I should be, excuses that I’m pretty sure aren’t just floating around in my brain. With all these great lines in front of me, I had no excuse not to find a bluesy tune and set them to music.

Sorry, I had many more profound things to say about this song, but I’m afraid the cat  deleted all the files on my hard drive, and my sermon isn’t finished…

Watch the Video


John A. Giurin thinks of himself as a wimp: White, Italian, Male, Preacher. Born in Canada of 100% Italian heritage, John’s faith journey started in the Roman Catholic church, but as happens with many teens, he drifted away during high school. John married a nice Canadian girl, Lois, who as a daughter of a Presbyterian minister, thought a nice ex RC computer technician was a safe bet to keep her out of manses for ever. God simply laughed at Lois and called John into Ministry four years after they were married. Since that time his passion for music expanded into singing and song writing and musical theatre. John and Lois have two teen-aged children, a poodle and two cats.