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I am excited to announce that a new dictionary will soon be published.  It is called, Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture (Sheffield: Phoenix Press) edited by Mary Ann Beavis & Michael J. Gilmour.  I wrote a short entry on “Uriah” for this dictionary. 

Here is a short blurb about the new upcoming book which will be a must have for theologians, scholars, students and anyone interested in Bible and Culture.

Consumers of modern culture soon discover the Bible—its tales, characters and idioms—is everywhere. Most of us wish we knew it better, and are often at a loss to understand the significance of the biblical references we encounter.

The editors of this unique volume offer here an easy-to-use reference guide
for those needing to track down information on characters, phrases, places, and
concepts originating in the Bible. They assembled 200 scholars to write 1000
short encyclopaedia entries on biblical influences on Western cultural texts.
The contributors to the volume have in mind readers without the specialization
of formal biblical studies, and even those not familiar with the Bible’s basic
content. The presentation is twofold: entries begin with discussion of biblical
terms in their original settings, and then illustrate occasions when those
terms reappear in later cultural artefacts. This volume is then a dictionary of
the reception of the Bible in later Western artistic and intellectual

There is a great deal here to explore and discover; turning these pages
will prove illuminating not only as an introduction to biblical literature but
also as a demonstration of the Bible’s persistent contributions to our cultural


Mary Ann Beavis is Professor in St Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and founder and editor of the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture.




Michael J. Gilmour is Professor of New Testament and English Literature at Providence University College, Otterburne, Manitoba, Canada.