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By: Elisabeth S. Lee

It was January 18th when my mom and I left for Myanmar. It was a great trip to experience a different culture halfway across the globe and to spend time with my wonderful, caring mother. 

In Yangon, Myanmar we saw many different pagodas (huge temples) and churches that were scattered all over the city. At a Baptist church my mom gave a thoughtful and encouraging sermon and I sang a solo, “Morning Star, O’ Cheering Sight”. She also lectured at the Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) and I also sang there too.

The pagodas were breathtaking and had lots of jewelry and gold hanging from the top of them. They were full of huge Buddha statues. Many Buddhists were kneeling down, praying or giving their offerings to Buddha. To go into the pagodas we had to take off our shoes because the Burmese Buddhists believe the ground is sacred. This was one of the things I’ve never experienced before.

We had wonderful students from MIT who toured us around the whole city. They did a great job and we are very thankful for all their kindness as they still had classes to attend to.

My mom and I stayed at the “White Elephant Hotel”. The white elephant means “good luck” to the Burmese. Later on, I even got to see some real white elephants. But, when we got there the white elephants actually turned out to be a grayish-reddish color.

In Yangon I tried many interesting and unfamiliar food/meals. I tried Korea’s famous spicy side-dish, kimchi (which the Burmese love to eat) and even tried exotic food like goat brain! I tried many varieties of meat, vegetables, soup, and fruit. They all were delicious!

I have fond memories of my trip to Myanmar and am very grateful to everyone who helped us out during our trip, including my amazing mom. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to travel to Myanmar or anywhere else. I love her with all my heart (and always will).

Thanks, Mom!! ❤


Elisabeth S. Lee will be going into grade 6 this fall.  She loves to dance, sing and play the piano.